5 Reasons to Install Hardwood Floors

5 reasons to install a hardwood floor in your home

Andersen Wood Floors is your specialist for refinishing or installing artisan hardwood floors in Omaha, Nebraska.

Natural hardwood floors add character and are the most durable choice in home flooring.  A wood floor is an environmentally friendly flooring choice that improves the air quality in your home, remains durable for a lifetime, and can be custom-finished to fit your home’s aesthetics and your personal style.   But that’s not all! 

If you are a homeowner in Omaha, Nebraska, there are many reasons to have Andersen Wood Floors install new wood floors in your home.  

Here are the top five benefits of our professional wood floor installation.

#1 Long-Term Value »

According to many realty experts, homes with wood floors sell faster and for more money than homes without wood floors - up to 10% more. Many home buyers will anticipate the cost of replacing the previous owners’ used carpet, and so they will pay more for a house that has existing wood floors. 

Natural hardwood floors can be refinished rather than replaced, which offers you a long-term value that other flooring options cannot. When maintained properly, your wood floors can last for literally the lifetime of your home.  If you decide to change the color of your wood floors, it is simple to sand and re-stain to match the style you want. Refinishing wood floors saves you a lot of money over replacing floors covered in carpet, tile or linoleum.

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#2 Natural Beauty »

Wood floors are available in a variety of wood types, colors and widths. Along with the beauty of their natural wood colors and grain patterns,  each wood floor adds unique character to your home. Hardwood floors offer a classic look that never goes out of style, making this flooring choice the best long-term investment to enhance the beauty and value of your house. 

There are a variety of wood species to choose from, including walnut, maple, oak, ash, cherry, hickory, mahogany, and more. Different types of wood flooring may feature more characteristics than others, such as knot holes, mineral streaks or grain variations, which add to the floor’s natural character and beauty.  

#3 Custom Style »

Andersen Wood Floors helps you choose from unlimited possibilities to customize your wood floors. We can offer recommendations for the type of wood, pattern, stain color, and sheen of the final finish. Our wood floor craftsmen will help you design and install the perfect wood floor to fit your taste, lifestyle and the aesthetics of your home. 

As a general rule, light wood floors, such as maple, make a room appear bigger and open. Medium wood floors, such as oak, add a feel of warmth. Dark wood floors, such as walnut, offer a stately and refined look. Wood floors can be stained in variety of colors from light to dark.  The sheen or finish you choose for your wood floor is also matter of personal preference. However, the less sheen, the less you will notice small scratches and normal wear. Andersen Wood Floors recommends water-based finishes for most floors because they are the most durable and will remain clear.

#4 Healthier Home, Healthier Planet »

Wood floors are inherently cleaner and healthier than carpet or other types of flooring, and can actually improve your indoor air quality. Thanks to its naturally hard, sealed surface, a wood floor does not harbor microorganisms, mold, nor harmful pesticides that can be tracked in from outdoors. Wood floors retain fewer allergens, dust and animal dander, making them a healthy flooring alternative, especially for those with allergies or asthma. 

Not only are hardwood floors better for your health, they are better for the environment. Natural hardwood flooring products are made from renewable resources.  Some wood flooring materials are made from fast-growing trees, so they are more sustainable than others. You can choose specifically designed eco-friendly and green wood flooring products as well.  Above all, wood floors produce less waste, as they are long-lasting and can be refinished, rather than replaced. 

#5 Easy Maintenance »

It’s simple to keep wood floors clean. With weekly sweeping, dry mopping or vacuuming to remove dust and dirt, most hardwood floors will only require a deep cleaning a few times a year. Wood floors are also more stain resistant than carpets because they resist spills.  

Over the years, all wood floors will show some normal signs of wear, and should be sanded and refinished periodically (every five to ten years) to keep them looking like new.  Your floor may also get scratched, but wood floors can easily be spot-repaired. The wood flooring professionals at Andersen Wood Floors are here to help, and can provide regular maintenance services that will keep your floor beautiful, and durable, for decades.    

Call Andersen Wood Floors to add long-lasting beauty and value to your home. 

The wood flooring experts at Andersen Wood Floors can help you choose the perfect wood floor type, color and finish for your home. Our expertly trained wood floor contractors install, sand and finish new wood floors for customers in the Omaha, Nebraska metro area. Call Andersen Wood Floors for long-lasting floors that you and your family will love to live on.


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