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The Benefits of Professional Wood Floor Refinishing

Choose Andersen Wood Floors for expert wood floor sanding and finishing in the Omaha, Nebraska metro area. 

Reveal the beauty of your existing wood floors with professional refinishing services by Andersen Wood Floors.  Loving your floors and enhancing the beauty of your home is well worth the investment to refinish your wood floors. You’ll be delighted with our quote – and our high-quality service.

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The cost to professionally refinish your hardwood floors is far less than covering or replacing them. Refinishing hardwood floors can sometimes be a DIY job, but too often, homeowners do not realize the many risks and potential hidden costs of doing the wood floor refinishing job themselves. DIY errors can result in a more expensive and time consuming task than the original plan. That’s why hiring a professional wood flooring contractor to refinish your floors is actually more cost-effective than doing it yourself.

The Benefits of Professional Wood Floor Refinishing

Here are the benefits of hiring the professionals at Andersen Wood Floors over doing the project yourself:

  • Our powerful machines get the job done faster. 
    • It takes a lot of skill to operate the heavy, powerful equipment such as drum sanders, edgers and specialty sanding machines.
  • Your one-of-a-kind floor won’t be scratched or gouged. 
    • Using sanding equipment you’re not familiar with can damage your floor by leaving inconsistent scratch patterns, deep gouges and too-thin floor boards.
  • Our refinishing experts are knowledgeable about making wood floor scratch repairs, sealing gaps and fixing any weak boards.
    • Not knowing what repairs are needed as you go can result in spending more money to do the repairs or re-do areas of your floor in the future.
  • We remove sawdust quickly and efficiently to ensure the perfect finish, and a cleaner, healthier home.
    • Renting DIY sanding equipment can be expensive, as well as heavy and difficult to handle. Homeowners who refinish wood floors themselves often take longer to complete the project, which results in more dust and debris that can settle into the final finish and linger for months. 
  • Proper application of finish results in a beautiful shine.  
    • DIY homeowners who use an incorrect application method or rush the drying time may have to redo their floors’ top coats altogether. 

The Andersen Way: Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Refinishing your hardwood floors periodically helps to retain their value and beauty. Andersen Wood Floors offers a highly-detailed sanding and finishing process that leaves minimal dust residue and ensures the highest-quality finish.

If your natural hardwood floors are hidden under carpet, or an exposed wood floor is beginning to show wear and tear, contact our artisan wood floor experts for a free hardwood floor refinishing estimate. We can bring out the natural beauty of your floors for long-lasting value and comfort.  From start to finish, most of our wood floor refinishing projects take less than a week. Andersen Wood Floors professionals sand with multiple passes to flatten and smooth the wood, repair wood floor scratches, and create the best foundation for a beautiful finish.

Unless you prefer the natural color of your existing wood floor, the artisan experts at Andersen Wood Floors can help you choose from a variety of stain and color options for your hardwood floors. 

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Andersen Wood Floors is a professional wood floor contractor serving the Omaha, Nebraska metro area.  

Floors that you and your family will love to live on.

Bring out the true beauty and elegance of your wood floor with a refinishing service by Andersen Wood Floors. Our local, experienced team takes great pride in revealing your floor’s natural beauty and protecting it. We pride ourselves on giving you the long-lasting quality and value you want from your home. Now, that’s happiness you can live on.   


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